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The Riverside Learning Center (RLC), is a pedagogical research and training organisation of Riverside School, based in Ahmedabad, India, with a global reach in over 9 countries.

RLC offers customised training programmes that provide ecosystem wide solutions to transform school cultures with processes and pedagogical practices designed for the 21st century learner. We believe that Design Thinking, with empathy at its core, is the key to create a unique and user-centered approach to learning and building school systems.

RLC uses this approach in its training programmes to transform schools from standardised “one size fits all approach” to schools that value agency, co-creation and character over compliance, instruction and content. Over the years The Riverside Learning Center has codified Riverside’s globally recognised practices and processes to help transform schools across the world.

We are excited to announce the launch of the I CAN Early Learning Center franchise model. A unique flagship programme designed to empower the yearly years in existing or new start up schools to build a strong foundation with our I CAN Early Years – for this we embark on a 3 YEAR phased journey of co-creation where representative school leaders and teachers come together to build ground-up the I CAN Early Learning Center.

We use a systems approach to building school culture, along with a plan to timetable the EARLY YEARS curriculum and map a shared vision amongst ALL stakeholders. The training includes a road map of how to TIMETABLE for the BOTH, AND programme, understanding how to implement and contextualise the processes, the curriculum along with training to use the HumanE framework to help design processes for your school.

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